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    Blogs by Hannah & Laci — Jesus Loves Me

    Jesus Loves Me...This I Know

    Jesus Loves Me...This I Know


    But do you really? Many of us learn this simple truth as a kid in Sunday school, but then something happens…we grow up. Oh to have the mind of a child again. With bright eyes and big dreams of becoming astronauts and doctors our hearts were so full and our cares no where in sight. We were without all the doubt and disappointment that this life can sometimes bring. 

    The love that God has for me and for you and for all his children is an everlasting, ever-fulfilling, overwhelming, abundant, agape kind of love that is more that we could ever even begin to imagine or imagine. We can’t earn it, can’t buy it, and certainly don’t deserve it, yet get the privilege to rest in His gracious, merciful love. 


    I love that no matter where life takes us, no matter where or how we “mess up,” that God is always right there, in the waiting. There’s nothing to big for him to fix and we’re never too far gone for redemption. I think as adults the only kind of love we can relate to is human love - which is nothing compared to the love our Heavenly Father, God of the Universe, Creator of the Stars has for us. He cares for even the birds needs, making sure they don’t go hungry, how much more do you think he loves us? An immeasurable amount. 


     I love in the bible where it says to come to me like a child. To be so care-free, with no obligation, no bills, no work, or illness, or defeat, just to be in the moment in all it’s innocence. The only time I feel this way now is when I’m so engulfed in the Holy Spirit that I loose myself and just sit at the feet of Jesus. I wish I could say I was in this state more often, but I’m afraid that wouldn’t be the truth. The truth is that Jesus loves me. He loves me in spite of my shortcomings, in spite of my failures, and in spite of my humanness. He pursues me anyway. He does this because He loves me. And He loves you too, my friend.